10 reasons

10 reasons why The Electrical Safety Team (T.E.S.T.)
should be your first choice of Test and Tag supplier:

  1. We use only qualified and reputable electricians to Test and Tag.
  2. We will identify and fix potential hazards before an accident occurs
  3. We will complete all safety-related repairs on site
  4. We will contact you when a Test and Tag is due -  or it’s FREE!
  5. We guarantee compliance with all authorities, so you will always be ‘audit ready’
  6. We will ensure all your electrical equipment meets recognized Australian safety standards
  7. We Only use the best quality parts to repair faulty items.
  8. We keep track of all electrical items that need a Test and Tag – and when
  9. We provide you with a detailed record of items tested and tagged
  10. In the event of an electrical accident, we can help you quickly and easily verify that you have met Workplace Health and Safety requirements
 We guarantee we won't let you down! 
  Qualified Electricians     
The Electrical Safety Team

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