3 Month Test and Tag Checks

Test and Tag for All Construction Trades

Test and Tag for All TradesIncludes carpenters, concreters, brick layers, painters, builders, renderers, plumbers, roof and floor tilers  and plasterers

Construction site electrical safety is our core business. We have Mobile Test and Tag technicians in south east Queensland from Gympie in the north to all areas of the Sunshine Coast, Moreton bay, Brisbane, Redlands and Ipswich regional council areas in the south.

The Electrical Safety Team covers all the construction trades from the smallest Bricklaying and Painting gangs to the largest Chippy and Plastering gangs. We have many regular clients that have less than 12 items (some as low as 5) that use us for their regular Test and Tag. An inspector will not care if you only have a few items that are not tested and tagged, he can fine you.

All our team members are licensed electricians and we have over 30 combined years experience in just Test and Tag.

Our clients are provided with a computerised print out of all items tested; this log is now a requirement for entry into some construction sites.

What needs to be tested and tagged on a construction site?

The simple answer is everything that has a 240volt plug on it.

Why do I need to have my tools tested and tagged?

Testing and Tagging is a requirement under workplace health and safety. It is also a bit of preventative maintenance and cheap insurance against workplace electrical accidents. We can repair faults before they become dangerous and also keep you informed on changes to electrical safety laws that affect you.

What happens when an item fails?

Experience shows that 25% of items fail an initial test. As we are qualified electricians we will repair the faults and the item will be able to be used again. Less than 1% of items are “non repairable”, these are removed from service.

The Electrical Safety Team – We test and tag Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, it’s all we do!