12 Month Test and Tag Checks

Test and Tag for Mobile Businesses, Shops, Schools and Child Care Centres

Test and Tag for Shops and Mobile BusinessesThe Workplace Health and Safety Act in Queensland and the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002 states that all electrical appliances used in a workplace must be tested and tagged by a competent person every 12 months, or connected to a safety switch. The Australian standard however recommends an annual test and tag.

Experience has shown that there are a lot of unsafe electrical appliances that are being used in these areas. They are not being removed from service because usually the business owner is not aware of potential faults and wrongly believes that the safety switch will protect them, their workers and their customers in the event of an electrical fault, this is not the case.

The only way to ensure an electrically safe work environment is for every electrical appliance to undergo regular electrical inspections.

Mobile Businesses

For mobile businesses, such as carpet cleaners and pest control, an annual test and tag of your electrical appliances is very important. While many houses now have safety switches fitted they are not regularly tested as required under the Workplace Health and Safety Act.

Schools and Child Care Centres

Test and Tag for Schools and Child Care CentresIn the case of schools, there are certain sections that are advisable to be checked on a regular basis.

  • Maintenance department will need a test and tag every 6 months
  • Student workshops will need a test and tag every 6 months
  • Safety switches need to be checked every 12 months

In Child Care Centres, due to the number of children potentially exposed to a faulty electrical appliance, an annual test and tag is recommended to ensure a safe environment for the children and the workers.

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